Things to Think About in 2021 for Commercial Playground Operators

With 2021 being just around the corner, commercial playground operators and community playground managers are most likely thinking of what’s ahead. Things such as business, health and safety are the major concerns for most, and that includes the playground industry. 2020 was a challenging year for the playground industry due to the pandemic and early […]

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Elevate Play with iREC’s Adrenaline Parks: Air Trek

Leisure entrepreneurs do more than just provide a venue for fun activities. Rather, they offer the space and tools to make experiential learning possible. Through physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging experiences, their customers are able to learn more about themselves and the world.  Let us take Air Trek as an example. It is one of the fun, safe, and exciting Adrenaline Parks […]

Why Kids Will Love Indoor Playgrounds During the Rainy Season

Being a parent comes with great responsibility. It’s like the job of a superhero since you have to overcome many feats with your kids. As a parent, you need to keep your kids happy, active and healthy all at the same time. But, when tantrums strike in, especially when they can’t come out and play […]