About Mobile Playgrounds and their Value for Commercialization

Living in the 21st Century has changed how children play. Before the entrance of mobile devices that incorporated games, children roam freely on the sidewalk or playgrounds. They get to continually meet with children of the same age as them. However, children are now glued to their mobile devices, playing games that don’t require that […]


Bounce SM North Trampoline Park Opens to the Public

Built by IREC Powered by IPLAYCO February 1, 2019 North EDSA, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines – The newest location of Bounce has launched in SM North EDSA and it is now open to the public. Bounce is the leading and largest trampoline park operator in the Philippines. Bounce offers a complete entertainment experience for active […]

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How Playgrounds Aid Children’s Technical Skills

As parents, we know that it’s our responsibility to guide our children in the right path — their journey towards growth. It’s hard for parents since they’re tasked to create activities that will foster their little angel’s growth. If your child is still young and you want to push them to develop their technical skills […]

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How Trampoline Activity Help Benefit Children and Adult Health

Trampoline exercises are for all ages. Whether a child or adult, both age groups can enjoy the fun and benefits of trampolining. If you’re not familiar with trampolining, obviously you’ll dismiss the idea of it being beneficial for your overall health. Don’t let the repetitive jumping motion fool you; trampolining targets every aspect of your […]