About Us


International Recreation Corporation designs, manufactures and installs quality indoor playgrounds, and family entertainment centres catered specifically to the Asian market. We pride ourselves on our innovative designs and quality products that meet quality specifications with safety as a top priority. We incorporate fun and playability as core elements in each of our installations, while remaining keenly aware of the need to deliver world class customer service at all times.

Our brand has grown to signify innovative products and we’ve built a reputation for service and professionalism with operators of various family focused businesses, ranging from day cares to schools to restaurants to shopping centres to stand alone family entertainment centres and beyond.

We are based in Subic Bay, Philippines, and have been operating since 2014. Since inception, we have manufactured and installed hundreds of playgrounds and family entertainment centres of various scopes and sizes – all around the globe. In 2016, we were acquired by iPlayCO, with the mandate to provide a wide range of value-focused indoor playground products and services, built to exacting international standards without compromising quality or safety.


All iREC Corporation products are manufactured in accordance with international safety standards.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a strong customer service attitude by developing an experienced talent pool at iREC with the goal of designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing value oriented, custom made packages built to customer design specifcations, on budget, and on schedule.


We adhere to the “Only One” philosophy, which is to deliver the best value for customers by providing quality, cost-effective indoor playgrounds that are unique, fun and playable for kids of all ages, all without compromising safety.


To become the number one company in our industry in Asia with an emphasis on core competence, by striving to be first, best and the most innovative.

Our Core Values are: Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Fun, Family Focus, Creativity and Consistent Innovation


Planning to setup your own indoor playground or family entertainment centre? We have a wide range of playground designs, and can supply the materials for your projects or supply complete installation services. Drop us a message via email or contact us by clicking the button below.