Playground Feature: Play Cloud in Cebu City

The rainy season is coming, and it won’t stop kids from having fun. A recently opened indoor playground in Cebu city offers children a play haven. Play Cloud started welcoming children in Cebu City way back on April 20, and it already features what children and parents are expecting from indoor playgrounds. Children undeniably are […]

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Importance of Playground First Aid Knowledge and Preparedness

Regular visits to the playground are beneficial for the children. Not only does it allow them to exercise through free play, it also helps them meet new friends and stimulate their imagination. But, as parents, you should also keep watch of your kids. Playgrounds are known to present many injury opportunities. That’s why it’s also […]


How Social and Technology are Reshaping Playgrounds Today

In the world we’re living today, it’s a common scenario for children to have what we can call a digital babysitter, which is basically a mobile device that grabs the attention of children. In other words, children will become occupied while parents do their jobs. There’s no denying that children can learn through apps installed […]


Why Indoor Commercial Playgrounds are Awesome for Summer

Parents, and most especially kids, know it. Summer is the equivalent of its “no school time” or a time when kids have their so-called freedom from classes, homework, projects, and other school-related activities. As for parents, it’s that moment of pressure to think of how to relive children from boredom. But summer is always associated […]


About Mobile Playgrounds and their Value for Commercialization

Living in the 21st Century has changed how children play. Before the entrance of mobile devices that incorporated games, children roam freely on the sidewalk or playgrounds. They get to continually meet with children of the same age as them. However, children are now glued to their mobile devices, playing games that don’t require that […]


Bounce SM North Trampoline Park Opens to the Public

Built by IREC Powered by IPLAYCO February 1, 2019 North EDSA, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines – The newest location of Bounce has launched in SM North EDSA and it is now open to the public. Bounce is the leading and largest trampoline park operator in the Philippines. Bounce offers a complete entertainment experience for active […]