The Future of Playdates at Commercial Playgrounds

Imagining the future of playdates at commercial playgrounds may paint a picture of a different world, but hopefully, it will indeed be one that is undoubtedly better. For it to be better, however, substantial contributions from individuals, the community as a whole and even the government are necessary. While parents may enforce rules based on […]



  IAAPA ASIA VIRTUAL SHOW Come see iPlayCO and iREC iREC Corporation will be participating in the first ever IAAPA ASIA VIRTUAL SHOW on July 28-30, 2020. Experience the one of a kind virtual showcase where exhibitors from the playground, recreation and amusement industry will be showcasing their products, live, online. For iREC, the company […]

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Elevate Play with iREC’s Adrenaline Parks: Air Trek

Leisure entrepreneurs do more than just provide a venue for fun activities. Rather, they offer the space and tools to make experiential learning possible. Through physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging experiences, their customers are able to learn more about themselves and the world.  Let us take Air Trek as an example. It is one of the fun, safe, and exciting Adrenaline Parks […]


Disinfecting Commercial Playgrounds During Quarantine Times

The spread of the Coronavirus has prompted the many countries in the east and west to undergo a community lockdown that affects cities and commercial areas. Establishments such as entertainment areas, malls and shopping districts have indefinitely closed in compliance with the government imposed civil lockdown. For commercial playground owners, this is a time to […]


Choosing the Right Play Equipment for Your Area

Lasting memories of fun and learning can be made in a playground. But those experiences worth looking back on are greatly influenced by the equipment young ones use to support their growth and development. That explains why it is crucial to choose the right commercial play equipment for your playground carefully. Fortunately, as a reputable […]

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TAG Interactive Arena: Elevating Fitness and Play

Fitness is a vital factor that can significantly affect a person’s health. Regular exercise and physical activity help develop strong muscles, strengthen bones, improve overall health, and decreases the risk of many diseases. However, not everyone is keen on devoting time to exercise. One way in sparking interest is by adding gamification to the activity […]


LOOK: The Ultimate LEGO Playground

Legoland Discovery Center in Philadelphia offers an immersive experience for everyone who once wished to play with Lego their whole life. Master Builder Michael Nieves—who is living that dream—is responsible for the life-size installations. His creations are what make this destination a place where children are given opportunities to use their skills, develop their imagination, […]

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Fun and Fitness: TAG Interactive Arena by iREC

Fun, fitness, and friends make for a perfect combination. In a world obsessed with gadgets and online interactions, don’t you think it is quite a relief to be able to go out and interact with real people and not the screen? If you’re thinking about disconnecting with the virtual world to reconnect with the real […]