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Why Inclusion on Playgrounds Matter

Children deserve to play. No matter where they come from, free play is important for their growth. Allowing them to play at least 60 minutes per day can help develop their language, social skills, symbolic thinking, and motor skills. Playgrounds should promote inclusion for children from different walks of life. Inclusive playgrounds offer more than […]

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Play Equipment Safety Management Tips for Commercial Playgrounds

  There is only one thing popping out of a child’s mind when its school’s out — going to the playground. The playground offers a lot of activities for children to have fun. It also helps children develop their physical, mental, and psychological well-being at an early stage. Aside from playgrounds as the place of […]

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Commercial Playgrounds: How to Plan a Fun Halloween Party 2018

Halloween is just right around the corner as children are now looking for the perfect costume to wear for trick-or-treating. And as for their parents, they go the extra mile in decorating their homes in time for the holiday to celebrate it with their children and other loved ones. Commercial playgrounds should also step up […]


How Indoor Playgrounds Can Benefit Children and their Cities

Playgrounds have been serving children fun and excitement for decades now. Everywhere you look, there are indoor playgrounds open to allow your children to channel their energy for play every day. But, there’s a catch; indoor play areas often have entrance fees that you must pay for the children to come in and play with […]


Disadvantages of Outdoor Playgrounds and Play Areas

Children are at an age of rapid development. For holistic growth, it’s vital for them to have the proper guidance from parents, get regular exercise, have a balanced diet,  a positive attitude and have social skills. Social skills are developed early as children interact with their age groups and among the early contributors are making […]


Adventure Type Kids Playgrounds are Making a Comeback

Keeping kids away from harm is what parents are imposed to do as they take care of their children. Incorporating this viewpoint to today’s age, the constant fears of parents are growing deeper. The information technology, such as uses of gadgets, has unleashed a capability that people have never taken advantage of before. However, other […]

Benefits of Commercial Playgrounds for the Development of Toddlers

Remember the times when you go outside and it suddenly rains, or when the weather forecast said it’s going to be a long hot day, but the opposite was what happened? The weather can be temperamental at times, making parents limit their children in their playtime. Bottom line, they can’t be blamed because they only […]