Elevate Play with iREC’s Adrenaline Parks: TAG Interactive Arena

Competitive gaming brings out the best in you. Rise to the challenges by moving over, under, and around obstacles. Earn more points as you conquer more difficult hurdles. In TAG Interactive Arena’s adrenaline park, your agility, awareness, boldness, creativity, speed, and strategy, among others, will be put to the test. The best part is that […]

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TAG Interactive Arena: Elevating Fitness and Play

Fitness is a vital factor that can significantly affect a person’s health. Regular exercise and physical activity help develop strong muscles, strengthen bones, improve overall health, and decreases the risk of many diseases. However, not everyone is keen on devoting time to exercise. One way in sparking interest is by adding gamification to the activity […]

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Fun and Fitness: TAG Interactive Arena by iREC

Fun, fitness, and friends make for a perfect combination. In a world obsessed with gadgets and online interactions, don’t you think it is quite a relief to be able to go out and interact with real people and not the screen? If you’re thinking about disconnecting with the virtual world to reconnect with the real […]

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The Future of Competitive Play Structures: TAG Interactive Arena by iREC

The future of competitive play structures has arrived in the Philippines in the form of the TAG Interactive Arena. It is the latest installation of the well-respected commercial playground equipment manufacturer, iREC Corporation. The TAG Interactive Arena is an exciting destination that combines navigation, laser-precision sensors, and challenging obstacles that encourages healthy competition among friends. […]