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MyVillage: Enter the Magical World of Pretend Play

Have your kids ever played the role of a doctor? A Mayor or the city’s most sought after baker? It’s astounding how kids even with the smallest of toys as it takes a big imagination. Pretend play sets the stage for children as they think about their future careers and it takes a big heart […]


How Indoor Commercial Playgrounds Can Elevate the Experience for Hotels and Resorts

Seasons come and go. As the summer and holidays are the peak seasons for hotels and resorts when it comes to welcoming families in droves. While it may be impossible to always peak check-ins across all the seasons, there is still a way to make the premise as a more exciting and more family-friendly shared […]


Rimbin Playground: Designing the Infection-Free and Social Distance Playground

Social distancing will always be part of what everyone considers today as normal. Even if governments ease lockdown restrictions, parents will always teach their children to practice social distancing not until a vaccine comes in. But if there are playgrounds created with the current pandemic in mid, this mindset will definitely change. Well, there’s good […]

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Elevate Play with iREC’s Adrenaline Parks: Air Trek

Leisure entrepreneurs do more than just provide a venue for fun activities. Rather, they offer the space and tools to make experiential learning possible. Through physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging experiences, their customers are able to learn more about themselves and the world.  Let us take Air Trek as an example. It is one of the fun, safe, and exciting Adrenaline Parks […]


Elevate Play with iREC’s Adrenaline Parks: TAG Interactive Arena

Competitive gaming brings out the best in you. Rise to the challenges by moving over, under, and around obstacles. Earn more points as you conquer more difficult hurdles. In TAG Interactive Arena’s adrenaline park, your agility, awareness, boldness, creativity, speed, and strategy, among others, will be put to the test. The best part is that […]


Why Playgrounds Have a Significant Existence in Society

Playgrounds have a significant existence in society because it plays an essential role in the lives of its young people. A trip to the playground can be regarded as the beginning of a journey towards significant developments in your child’s life. That is because childhood is best characterised as a time of rapid growth and […]


Introducing Kids to Indoor Playground Safety

While at the playground, children may search for their parents’ faces in the crowd as they look for their desired audiences. Hopefully, as parents, you will witness your children’s milestones be it the latter’s first time to slide, climb the monkey bars unaided or even meet their first best friend. Hopefully, parents will never have […]


Sanitation and Maintenance for Playground Owners

  The difference between indoor and outdoor playgrounds is where it’s located; therefore, cleaning methods may also differ. Outdoor playgrounds are susceptible to rain, wind, dust, and other weather conditions, while indoor playgrounds get protected by a roof and four walls. Even if protected, children are curious beings. They will touch anything that interests them. […]