How Social and Technology are Reshaping Playgrounds Today

In the world we’re living today, it’s a common scenario for children to have what we can call a digital babysitter, which is basically a mobile device that grabs the attention of children. In other words, children will become occupied while parents do their jobs. There’s no denying that children can learn through apps installed […]

Crowdfunding Community Playgrounds: Tips to Make it a Success

Playgrounds bring various benefits to children. These benefits not only improve their physical abilities but also target children’s mental and psychological development. Building playgrounds with the help of the community is a great way to start the kids in having their free play every day. Starting a playground needs funds. But how will you be […]

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Holiday Fun for Children: Why Consider PLAY at OKADA

The holidays are coming up; this means the children will be out of school. You wouldn’t want them to be struck with homework all day, right? Children need at least 60 minutes of free play to stimulate good physical, social, cognitive, and creative skills. PLAY at OKADA can accommodate all the fun and games a […]