LOOK: The Ultimate LEGO Playground

Legoland Discovery Center in Philadelphia offers an immersive experience for everyone who once wished to play with Lego their whole life. Master Builder Michael Nieves—who is living that dream—is responsible for the life-size installations. His creations are what make this destination a place where children are given opportunities to use their skills, develop their imagination, […]

TAG Webolator4

The Future of Competitive Play Structures: TAG Interactive Arena by iREC

The future of competitive play structures has arrived in the Philippines in the form of the TAG Interactive Arena. It is the latest installation of the well-respected commercial playground equipment manufacturer, iREC Corporation. The TAG Interactive Arena is an exciting destination that combines navigation, laser-precision sensors, and challenging obstacles that encourages healthy competition among friends. […]

Play Planet PH NCC Mall Tagum

Why Play Planet PH is Perfect for the Holidays

Play Planet PH recently opened its doors to kids and kids at heart whose idea of fun is a combination of learning and leisure. If you have not made plans for the upcoming holidays yet, consider bringing the whole family here. Just head to the 4th level of NCCC Mall Tagum, in Davao Del Norte […]


Play Planet PH Now Open to the Public in Davao City

This indoor playground for both the old and the young combines learning and fun in one place. Play Planet PH puts an interesting spin on the world of make-believe. Here, children can deeply immerse themselves as they play pretend. The spacious playground features a wide variety of role-play stalls that closely resemble real-life business establishments. […]

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Ideas to Stay Active and Fit During the Cold Holidays

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, through its Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans publication, recommends physical activities throughout the day for kids within the range of 3 – 5 years old. Such activities promote the growth and development they need at this stage. Older kids or those aged 6 – 17 years old, […]


What You Need to Think of Before Buying Commercial Grade Playground Equipment

Injuries in an indoor playground involving children is a scary scenario. They can cause trauma to the children, their parents, and the other adults responsible for keeping the playground fun and safe. Apart from that, they can contribute to stresses brought about by potential liabilities and financial setbacks to remedy the accident that proper planning […]


Quick Checklist for Indoor Play Equipment Maintenance

As a leisure entrepreneur, you’re in the business of creating happiness. Now, how can you sustain the fun in play for the children, their parents, guardians and by extension, your employees, investors, and yourself? The simple answer we can offer is a quick checklist about the proper maintenance of your valuable play equipment. Regular maintenance […]


Should Sands and Sandboxes Make a Comeback in Playgrounds?

Slides, monkey bars, and even ladders are great for a baby’s development. Allowing them to climb up and down the ladder provides sensory stimulation, which is essential for their growth. But everywhere you go, playgrounds, both indoor and outdoor, offer rubber rubber-bottom surfaces. One professor is hoping to bring back sand into playgrounds. Susan Herrington, […]