Why Playgrounds Will Continue in the Post Pandemic

Earlier this year when cities and borders were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families were confined at home due to the lockdown. With the lockdown, there were strict lockdowns on commercial and public spaces. This included playgrounds that are commercially operated and community playgrounds. During the lockdown and the months leading to the […]


Playground Management: Your Inventory Essentials in Keeping a Clean and Sanitized Playgrounds

  For the many playground operators and community playground managers that are planning for a reopening in the near future, the cleanliness and sanitation standards of their playgrounds will be an important area of discussion. Parents and our community will ask and have the right to know on how we are managing the playgrounds in […]


Commercial Playground Re-Opening: Cleaning, Maintenance and Disinfection

Disclaimer: In the other parts of the world, commercial areas such as playgrounds are starting with re-open but with stricter policies upon entry and as a social protocol for safety, they limit the number of children inside the playgrounds. Temperatures are checked upon entry, the parents or guardians are interviewed if they have experienced symptoms […]


Choosing the Right Play Equipment for Your Area

Lasting memories of fun and learning can be made in a playground. But those experiences worth looking back on are greatly influenced by the equipment young ones use to support their growth and development. That explains why it is crucial to choose the right commercial play equipment for your playground carefully. Fortunately, as a reputable […]


LOOK: The Ultimate LEGO Playground

Legoland Discovery Center in Philadelphia offers an immersive experience for everyone who once wished to play with Lego their whole life. Master Builder Michael Nieves—who is living that dream—is responsible for the life-size installations. His creations are what make this destination a place where children are given opportunities to use their skills, develop their imagination, […]


Sanitation and Maintenance for Playground Owners

  The difference between indoor and outdoor playgrounds is where it’s located; therefore, cleaning methods may also differ. Outdoor playgrounds are susceptible to rain, wind, dust, and other weather conditions, while indoor playgrounds get protected by a roof and four walls. Even if protected, children are curious beings. They will touch anything that interests them. […]


About Mobile Playgrounds and their Value for Commercialization

Living in the 21st Century has changed how children play. Before the entrance of mobile devices that incorporated games, children roam freely on the sidewalk or playgrounds. They get to continually meet with children of the same age as them. However, children are now glued to their mobile devices, playing games that don’t require that […]