Disinfecting Indoor Playground Equipment during the rainy days

Indoor playgrounds are the go-to places for parents to let their children have fun. Being a popular destination for families, indoor play areas have various advantages compared to outdoor playgrounds.   First, it provides fun with the variety of equipment. Second, it uses durable equipment and mats to withstand children’s weight and impact. Lastly, it’s […]

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Why Indoor Play Areas are perfect during the rainy days

Parenting comes with everyday responsibilities; you have to keep them active while being healthy and happy at the same. Such a feat, isn’t it? But, beyond the responsibilities is the feeling if genuine joy because you’re being able to keep them active, happy and healthy. But when the weather is bad, kids often sulk in […]

The Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds for Children during the rainy days

“Mommy, I want to play at the playground!”, “Daddy, let’s go outside!”. “Is the rain ever going to stop?” — these are only a few of the many questions being asked by kids when they want to play outside when the rain or other weather conditions doesn’t allow them to. Of course, parents will need […]

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Why Indoor Playgrounds Are Cool for the Summer

The scorching heat, overcrowded water parks, friends going out on a road trip, families planning getaways, and eager children forcing their parents to take them out—all of these are obviously what summer is commonly made of. So, when you get to see these events become a reality, summer has definitely arrived. During these moments, kids […]

The Early Skills that Children Develop on Indoor Play Areas

Looking at the big picture, playgrounds are a place to spend time, have fun, and gain new friends. But if you look closely, fun is not the only benefit playgrounds provide for our little angels. According to play experts, playgrounds provide the much-needed development children need as they grow, namely physical, social, and cognitive areas. […]

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The Holistic Benefits of Indoor Play Areas for Children’s Early Development

A playground is a different image, depending on who’s looking at it—for children, playgrounds are a place of fun and adventure; for parents, it’s a place for children to stay in one place while having fun; and for experts, it’s a perfect place for children to help them develop different aspects of their well-being, showing […]