How an Indoor Playground Help Businesses Increase their Customer Visits

Nowadays, children feel contained when it comes to urban living. With the rise of high buildings, apartment complexes, schools that focus more on academics and parents who expect more from their kids in terms of academics, their time and places for play are lessened. What’s sad is that these factors contribute in limiting a child’s […]

PLAY at Okada Indoor Children’s Playground Opens to the Public

Built by iREC Powered by IPLAYCO February 10, 2018 Pasay City Manila, Philippines – Okada, Manila’s premiere luxury entertainment and resort, has launched PLAY at Okada, the biggest and most immersive indoor playground for children in the country to date. PLAY is an acronym for “Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young”, PLAY features eight […]

Why Parents Should Let Their Children Experience an Indoor Playground

Playing at playgrounds has its benefits for a child’s development. Playgrounds are one of the best places for children to interact with other children in order to develop their social skills. Being at play helps them become active; hence making them healthy and help improve their self-confidence. Due to the unpredictable weather in Southeast Asia, […]